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We are looking for new, experienced team members for our team to push the quality of future projects. If you recognize yourself in the following description or have questions, please fill out an application so we can get in touch with you. More about KING Art

You are:

  • An experienced VFX artist with many years and projects under your belt
  • A team player who likes to work with others, to grow and to create great games collaboratively
  • Knowledgeable in a wide variety of tools and techniques
  • Someone with a technical background, sufficient in C# and Python
  • You are well organized and structured in your work
  • Passionate about making awesome games and create great VFX
  • Proficient at communicating in English (Bonus: German)


  • Experience with Unity/VFX Graph/Shader Graph or similar
  • Proficiency in Houdini (Fracturing, rigid body simulation, fluid simulation)
  • AA/AAA experience
  • Experience with (3rd person) shooters

You will:

  • Work with other experienced, motivated, ambitious, and friendly colleagues
  • Create stunning (particle) effects, shaders and simulations for upcoming games
  • Work on core-games for PC and consoles you can be proud of (Shooter, RPG, RTS)
  • Contribute significantly to our games
  • Become part of the KING Art family (find more information here: about us


Applications are welcome in German or English.